David is an accomplished medical researcher, Fulbright Scholar & current medical school candidate who recently developed a 3D printed stroke training device. His core goal is to become a patient-focused doctor who will use his research background to advance translational medicine.

David Brotman is the inventor of the cerebral vascular phantom (pictured here) which is a new 3D printed vascular model for thrombectomy training. 

David has a track record of improved patient outcomes due to his research. His goal is to continue this career path as a patient focused medical doctor.

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David William Brotman

View a Video of David's 3D Printed "Phantom"

David's Journal Entries & Media Coverage

Clinical Assistant
Yale Cancer Center: Breast Oncology
Jun 2017 – Present
New Haven, CT

Improved Patient Outcome: Screen and evaluate breast oncology patients undergoing clinical trial treatments at Yale impacting increased survival and improvement of quality of life.

Position Description: Screening and management of patients for breast medical oncology clinical trials for therapeutic treatment. Assists in research design, writing and editing of protocols, publications, and data analysis for evaluation /compliance with physicians and pharmaceutical companies.

Translational Clinical Radiology Intern
UConn Health
Oct 2016 – Jun 2017  
Farmington, CT

Research Topic: Use of Brain Perfusion Phantom for Stroke Thrombectomy Training in Interventional Cardiology

Improved Patient Outcome: Provides hands-on experience to interventionists (interventional radiologists, neurosurgeons, and neuroradiologists) to improve comfortability, decrease variability, increase patient safety, and decrease overall procedure time, which are all critical to patient outcomes in stroke care.

Project Description: Implementation of a brain perfusion phantom that simulates realistic perfusion in normal conditions as well as thrombi in order to train clinicians, residents, and fellows in interventional radiology procedures specifically direct catheter-based thrombectomy in patients suffering from stroke.

Mentors: Clifford Yang MD; Associate Professor of Radiology; Charan Singh MD; Assistant Professor of Radiology.

David's Experience

Graduate Student
Duke University Medical Physics

May 2013 – Oct 2016  
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area

Research Topic: PET Lesion Quantitation; Noise Estimates From Sub Scan Images

Improved Patient Outcome: Allows nuclear medicine physicians to be able to confidently make accurate knowledgeable decisions about patient prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment.

Project Description: By analyzing the Poisson statistical nature of simulation, phantom, and clinical data (prostate cancer patients), scanner associated variability in nuclear medicine imaging can be determined.

Mentor: Timothy Turkington PhD; Associate Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering

Duke and University of Maryland School of Medicine

Oct 2014 – Jan 2015  
Improved Patient Outcome: Proposed novel techniques for developing improved methods of imaging diagnosis and treatment verification.

Project Description: Developed and received approval for a hybrid course bridging research aims of Medical Physics with that Nuclear Medicine and Pathology.

Fulbright Scholar
CHUV | Lausanne University Hospital

Sep 2011 – Jun 2012
Lausanne, Switzerland
Research Topic: A Novel Method for MRI Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque Imaging

Improved Patient Outcome: Allows for higher resolution images in arterial structures and importantly, increases volumetric coverage 3-fold.

Project Description: Combined use of PS-DIR (developed by CIBM Director, Matthias Stuber, PhD) and GRE to employ a unique pulse sequence to discriminate between the coronary lumen and vessel walls.

Mentor: Matthias Stuber PhD; Director, CIBM - University Hospital Center; Lausanne, Switzerland

This device is available for free via 3D printing around the world. Please contact David for 3D printing code.

View a press release of David's device here

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